System Requirements and Process Analysis

Assignment: System Requirements and Process Analysis

In order to better understand business process analysis, and how it is done in real life, conduct a literature and web search on the topic. Using your favorite search engine or the Rasmussen Library, enter the terms “business process analysis.”

Then, in a 1-2 page paper, written in APA format using proper spelling/grammar, address the following:

  1. Define Business Process Analysis.
  2. Describe Process/Activity Flows and Activity Descriptions.
  3. Keeping in mind what is involved in preparing final outcomes from a process analysis, evaluate the task of creating and using workflow diagrams to other methods such as a verbal description of a business process — how do they compare?

The articles you find in your search may not necessarily be healthcare examples. Rest assured that the process and tasks are similar, whether performed in a healthcare setting or in a different setting.

Be sure to include a brief introduction to your paper as well as APA citations for any resources you used as references. Please use more than one reference for this assignment.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.