Taxation system

  1. As a business owner, discuss how the level of taxes (inland or at the border) could improve or impede the performance of your business.
  2. What are the determinants of Tax Revenue? Show how you can improve Tax Revenue.
  3. In Morocco, certain items are exempted from VAT while others are zero-rated. Explain the difference between exempting an item and zero-rating the same item in terms of VAT.
  1. Briefly provide your arguments in favour or against:

a)     Taxing wealth

b)     Progressive taxation system

c)     Regressive taxation system.

  1. Why is the alcoholic beverages tax considered a sin tax?
  2. Which of the following is tax credit or tax deduction or none:

a)      A reduction of the income subject to tax

b)     A reduction of the total amount a taxpayer owes to the government

c)     A reduction of individual income taxes based on last year’s taxes

d)     A reduction of corporate taxes based on last year’s profit