Teaching Medicine

250 word post

  • Read Chapter 4: Teaching Medicine
  • Read Chapter 7: The Bellevue Ambulance
  • Read Chapter 14: Cause of Death
  • The use of ether, ambulance, and forensic medicine were all innovations at Bellevue Hospital, how do these innovations jibe with the liberal arts? Each of these people is connected to Bellevue in different ways, but they are all inextricably a part of Bellevue lore.  Briefly explain how each of these innovations is connected to Bellevue.
  • Describe how doctors in the mid-1800s were trained and the obstacles that were in their way.
  • Describe how ambulances were first used and introduced to Bellevue Hospital.
  • Describe how forensic science was improved at Bellevue. including what causes of death were discovered and the controversy of how these lessons were learned.