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Today in America we are faced with the problems of the aging baby boomer population. In fact, by 2030, 71.5 million people will be 65 and older which correlates to about 20% of the US population (The Federal Interagency Forum on Aging-Related Statistics,2008). Some issues associated with older age is the rise of chronic diseases. As of 2013, arthritis is the highest occurring chronic disease associated with increasing age. To be exact, arthritis and back or spine problems are the top two functional impacts affecting around 7 to 8 million aging adults. (Lindholm & McDowd, 2017). To help combat this rising issue, we created the Smart Bed.

When asking people (particularly the elderly) about the current beds they owned, many were concerned about their beds. They stated that they struggled through sleeping due to how hot or cold the bed is, as well as the lack of texture (whether it is too soft or too rough), making them uncomfortable. The lack of comfortability leads to the constant tossing, turning, and change of sleep position through the night. It results in a reduced amount of sleep compared to the anticipated hours needed in order to reach the range of 7-8 hours of sleep. When asked about what they envisioned as “the perfect bed”, there was one common answer: one that comforts them and helps soothe themselves for a well-deserved rest.

The Smart Bed is an enhancement of the modern-day bed. For those that are visually impaired, audio speakers can be installed to help with adjusting the settings to their preference. As for the hearing impaired, a LED screen can be installed in order for them to have the ability to access information in order to tweak their bed settings, as well as have the ability to watch TV. Both can be controlled by voice activation and remote. The bed features a vibration feature in which users are able to adjust the intensity in order to help remedy their bodies if their bodies are aching. It contains a mattress that regulates temperature to remedy the issues of it being too hot or too cold. The Smart Bed gives the user a more comforting experience, emphasizing the “luxury” in bed.

Benefits of an adjustable bed include help with insomnia, enhance circulation which can reduce leg swelling, help with acid reflect, heartburn, and relieve arthritis and chronic body pain such as back pain (Intellibed, 2018). Adequate sleep is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Having the right amount of sleep, around 8 hours, helps improve memory, lower inflammation within the body, and helps maintain a healthy weight (Sparacino, 2019). Sleep can easier be disturbed if one is dealing with chronic back or arthritis pain so this is why our product will help prevent sleep disturbances and chronic pain thus leading to a healthier and more productive lifestyle.