The Impact of Food Insecurities

The Impact of Food Insecurities/Deserts on the African American Community

Executive Summary

Summary of the Context and Scope of the SDOH in My Community

For several years’ food deserts have made a negative impact on the African American community in Center township Marion county Indianapolis, Indiana 46208. In the year 2015, the only grocery store Double 8 foods closed its doors leaving this already vulnerable population without adequate resources for nutritious and healthy foods. To date, the only options for foods are from a few gas stations/convenience stores, a Family Dollar store, and recently built small grocery and café. Data from the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps (2020) rates top U.S. performers county values at 8.6 in the 90th percentile for factors that contribute to a healthy food environment. Overall, the median for the state of Indiana is at 7.1, with Marion county at a value of 6.7. The data states that 17% of the county face food insecurities and 9% have limited access to healthy foods.