The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan

The writer’s work: The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan

Please include 3 sources that discuss your writer’s work (A) and 3 sources that address the same issue(s) that your writer focuses on (B). Each annotated bibliography should be approx. 300 words in length (approx. 150 per paragraph).

Follow the same format for the Annotated Bibliography:

  • start each entry on a new page;
  • have an MLA style citation in the beginning of each entry;
  • have two paragraphs for each entry (briefly represent/summarize the source in the first paragraph and explain how the source will be used in your essay in the second paragraph).

The following guidelines for the two types of sources that you need to find for this assignment will give you more details of what you are looking for:

A: What is the critical conversation surrounding the author’s work? You can look for several kinds of sources here:

a) reviews of the collection that you are working on (you can find in publications such as New York Times);

b) peer-reviewed articles that analyze and interpret the author’s work (both the collection that you are focusing on and the writer’s work overall): please use JSTOR to locate these articles;

c) interviews with the writer him- or herself that help shed light on what questions the writer gets asked about their work and on their responses (these can be found on Google and using the databases).

B: Find sources that seem the most relevant to the discussion of the issues that concern your writer in your chosen collection of essays. Use the key terms from your writer’s work (and from the critical conversation on your writer’s work) to do this research. You can look for:

  • essays in online publications such as The New Yorker, The Conversation, The Atlantic, etc;
  • sources that are mentioned in the Works Cited of other relevant essays and articles (take a look at Mercer Street essays on relevant topics and check out their Works Cited; or take a look at Broadview to locate relevant sources on a certain topic).