The program specifications


Write a program that generates n random  integers between 0 and 9 and displays the count for each number. (Hint:  Use an array of ten integers, say count, to store the counts for the  number of 0s, 1s, . . . , 9s.)

A modular program is expected – use Methods. The program specifications are as below.

  1. In the main() method, declare an int array of size 10, named count.
  2. Implement a method populateCount(int[] cnt) that initializes the array to zero.
  3.  Implement a method countNums(int[] cnt, int n) that accepts  the count array and an integer n. The method should generate n random  numbers in the range of 0 to 9. It should keep a count of how many times  each number, 0 to 9; is generated in the array count.
  4. Implement a method printNums(int[] cnt) to print the count  array.  Note, print “time” or “times” – which ever is appropriate.
  5. Use basic structured programming and procedural programming.
  6.  Write a main() method that declares the count array. Invokes  the countNums() method with n = 10 followed by invoking the printNums().  Then invokes the countNums() method with n = 100 followed  by printNums(). And again, invokes the countNums() method with n =  1000 followed by printNums().
  7. Make sure you invoke  the populateCount(int[] cnt) method at appropriate times. And write out  the heading for each set, n = 10, 100, and 1000.
  8. Documentation. Includes your name, create date and purpose of lab.