The Rookie

The Rookie

Watch the movie, then answer the questions below.

Your answers should be long and include lots of details.

On your paper, type each question, and then the answer to the question.

Define all of the interpersonal communication terms that you use in your answers.

Director: John Lee Hancock
Characters/Actors: Jimmy Morris—Dennis Quaid, Lorri Morris—Rachel Griffiths

Rated: G

Discussion Questions:

1. How would you describe the self-concept of the members of the high school baseball team at the beginning of the movie? At the end of the movie? Give examples to support your descriptions.

2. Find three examples of self-disclosure in the movie. What was disclosed and why do think that information was disclosed at that particular time?

3. What emotions do you think Jimmy experienced at the tryouts? What emotions did he experience in the minor leagues? Give examples to support your opinions.

4. What perception of Jimmy did the other members of the minor league teams have? Did those perceptions change? If so, how? Give examples.