The Search for Clean Air

The Search for Clean Air: Is it Worth It?

There has been an ongoing “battle” to work towards “clean air” – even as the definition has continued to evolve with scientific research. We each may have different views as to what “clean air” even means, what the relative sacrifices are or should be to achieve “clean air”, and may even wonder how “clean” the air really “needs” to be?

Some have argued we have gone overboard with regulations, and that we have not considered legitimate concerns in the decision-making process. For example, how much is it worth to have a job, food, and shelter, and if pollution control endangers that, is it worth it? Can we really set air quality standards (as the Clean Air Act requires) WITHOUT regard to cost? Have we made the air “too clean”, so that our natural immune systems cannot deal with today’s airborne challenges? If all these pollution control restrictions force industry away from our region or to other countries, do the health impacts of job loss and its associated competitive disadvantages affect our health in more dramatic ways not being taken into account under the Clean Air Act?

For this assignment, consider: how clean should the air we breathe be, and how much is it worth to make it so?

Summarize your thoughts and findings in 2 pages double spaced (not including references),.