Train Emergencies

In this section, you will have the opportunity to evaluate a case study and recommend the type of warning system that may be appropriate. Keep in mind that your choice in a warning system can affect how those in your community will respond or possibly not respond to the alarm.

Please take a moment to review the document, “Ethanol Tank Train Emergencies: Observations from 11 Tank Train Derailments and Case Studies.” In this document, you find ten separate incidents/scenarios that deal with tank train derailments. The derailments are separate incidents that have various degrees of risk to local communities. The scenarios include incidents dealing with toxic gasses, fires, flooding, road and infrastructure damage, evacuation of communities, and multi-jurisdictional response teams.

Please read through each scenario and decide what type of warning system would be appropriate and how you would deploy the warning system.

Once you have decided what warning system or messaging system you would deploy, please provide a well-written summary of the scenario you chose, the risks you discovered, and what type of warning system or systems you would deploy and why.