The following is a list of transactions for Clouden, a sole trader.


May 1 Balance bought forward, Cash $2530; Bank $15600

May 3 Paid wages by cheque $6300.

May 5 Received a loan of $10,000 by cheque from the Big Development Bank

May 8 Cash Sales to T. Richards amounted to $465

May 10 Paid M. Duff account in full by cheque. The outstanding amount was $5000 before taking 5% cash discount.

May 13 Paid electricity by cash $765

May 17 The following paid their account: L. Joseph $4500; V. Thola $2560. Each deducted a 5% cash discount and paid the difference by cheque.

May 22 Cash withdrawn from the bank, $500

May 26 Paid Wright $2940 by cheque having deducted 2% cash discount.

May 29 Mr. Clouden bought a car for his personal use, for $25,000 paying by cheque.

May 30 Received cash settlement of $200 from Magna Insurance Company.


Use a spreadsheet or word document to prepare Clouden`s THREE column cash book for June 2018.