Tremendous progress

Even though we have only been actively working together for a short period of time, I have seen tremendous growth in my mentee. Coming into the relationship, my mentee was timid, quiet, and lacking in self-confidence. During our time together, I have witnessed her finding her voice and discovering new confidence in her abilities. She is making tremendous progress toward achieving her goals.

I have seen my mentee blossom into a skilled communicator with developing active listening skills. The development of active and empathetic listening skills between mentor and mentee is a good indicator that the relationship is healthy and working (Five Signs, 2021). Her improved communication and active listening skills have helped her personally and professionally.

Additionally, I have witnessed an increase in accountability. Our mentorship relationship has developed to the point where my mentee is demonstrating self-accountability and is comfortable holding me accountable to my word. This has helped tremendously as she worked toward achieving her goals. She developed a trust in me and knew that she could count on me to honor my commitments. Likewise, she held herself accountable for making our meetings and deadlines from project completion. Mentors and mentees holding one another accountable is another great sign of a healthy relationship (Five Signs, 2021).

Lastly, I have seen an increase in motivation toward achieving her goals. My mentee has been working diligently to improve her test item writing and validation skills, and her effort is evident and is paying off! She is well on her way to achieving this goal.


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