UK company

Joshua Matthews lives in Melbourne, and works as a research consultant for Daniel Industries Ltd, a UK company with branches in multiple countries. On 1 August 2019 Daniel Industries posted Joshua to Indonesia to perform research services for one of their branches. He was initially there for two months, however due to issues in the local branch, his stay was prolonged by a further one month.

-During this time his pay was deposited into his Westpac bank account in Melbourne, by the UK company. He was paid $6,000 per month

Whilst in Indonesia a third-party provider who worked with Daniel Industries offered Joshua a further six months of work. This included an upfront payment of $5,000 in November 2019, and a further bonus of $10,000 at the completion of the six month contract. During this time Joshua’s income from the Indonesian company would be paid into an Indonesian bank account.


What is the main issue?

What is the applicable legislation and case law? u

What is the assessibility of the above income in Australia?