Under cherry trees by Matsuo Basho

I’m working on a writing exercise and need support to help me learn.


–What different emotions do each of these four haikus evoke? Be specific.

–Explain the differences and similarities between the effects of a haiku and those of an epigram.

Under cherry trees by Matsuo Basho

Under cherry trees

Soup, the salad, fish and all . . .

Seasoned with petals.

After Basho by Carolyn Kizer

Tentatively, you

slip onstage this evening,

pallid, famous moon.

Last night it rained by Amy Lowell

Last night it rained.

Now, in the desolate dawn,

Crying of blue jays.

A Dent in a Bucket by Gary Snyder

Hammering a dent out of a bucket

a woodpecker

answers from the woods