US health system

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This is an ECON CLASS paper, please write in an essay format.

Need word count at least 1600, need to add at least 4 graphs in this paper. Total words with graphs within 10 pages.

Topic choose from: US health system, US insurance system, US health system and insurance system compare with other countries, covid impact on US health system, The hospital services market in USA, The market for health insurance, Managed care, The physicians’ services market, Demand for health and medical care, The market for pharmaceuticals. Medicare and Medicaid.

Paper requirement:

Must submit an investigative written paper with at least 5 full pages paper, word count at least 1600, and need to add at least 4 econ related data/graphs/images, total within 10 pages (times new roman, size 12).

The student must choose one of two possible major themes: US state data comparison or international data comparison.If the student chooses US state data comparison, the main source of data is If the student chooses international data comparison, the main source of data is the “health” link on the left of the screen).

Within the chosen major theme, the student must explore health data across different US states or countries, select comparisons that may be considered interesting or intriguing, and finally raise hypotheses that can explain the observations in the light of what was taught during the course. It is advisable for the student to focus on some sub-theme within the chosen major theme. For example, the student may be interested in exploring the sub-theme pharmaceutical market within the main theme international data comparison