Use statistics

Write 1200 words minimum for numbers 1-3 and 3 scholarly sources……for #4 write 250 words minimum and 2 scholarly sources



Case Study: Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and Others: Understanding the science behind the Change.

1.Although a very detailed change proposal may prevent people from making their own connections, as discussed in the case, it may lead others to consider the proposal to be vague and unfinished. How do you balance these two concerns? What guidelines would you use to ensure that you are not veering too far off in either direction?

2. Kevin Sparks of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City had a difficult time convincing his people of the need for change. What would you have suggested he do before you read the case? What about afterwards? How did your recommendations change as a result?

3. Organizational change goes beyond promotions and the threat of layoffs. What ways other than those discussed in the case would you use to entice people to embrace proposed changes? Provide several suggestions and justify their rationale.

4. Tell how you currently use statistics where you work.