“Who Moved My Cheese Analysis”

1) Name the four characters.

2) Describe their personalities or their social styles.

3) Why did the author use two little animals and two little people to make

his point?

4) What does the cheese represent?

5) What does the maze represent?

6) What does the story say to you in relation to change?

7) How did each character deal with the above steps in the transition or

change cycle?

8) Which character do you represent?

9) What do you feel is the main message from the book?

10) If you had these 4-people working for you, how would you supervise

each personality?

11) What was the lesson that you learned from “Who Moved My Cheese”

that you will take with you in the workplace?

Who Moved My Cheese Analysis – PPT

  • To view the full video, go to the link be of “Who Moved My Cheese”:


or go to: WHO MOVE MY CHEESE PPT to review the PPT again go to: www.google.com and type in Who Move My Cheese – CSC.Columbus State and click on the Who Move My Cheese (2002) presentation in the table.


Instructions: View the entire video and take your own notes and write an analysis. The analysis should be between 4 page analyses (not including reference page). Do not just list a response to each

question – you really need to write the analysis in a narrative format (eg., paragraph format). Please cite the references that you use. You should have at least 3 to 6 references for this assignment. You can

use other references, but they cannot ALL be internet based. There is the “Who Moved My Cheese Book”. I strongly urge you to get it as one of your main references. The references should be cited using

APA format.

Assignment Due Date: September 03, 2017