Working Professional and Social Networks

Part 1: Personal Professional and Social Networks

  • Make a list of everyone you can think of and where they work.
  • Include family members, distant cousins, classmates, church mates, etc.
  • Have you done any volunteer work? If so, who do you know from there?
  • As part of your analysis of the strength and weaknesses of your professional network, where would you go to find the connections you need?
  • Which additional organizations would fit your professional/social profile? How much does it cost to join? What would be the benefit(s)? How can you join?

Part 2: Working Professional and Social Networks

  • Choose a human services organization (you may choose a current place of employment or a previous job).
  • Make a list of current networks and partnerships of the organization
  • Include paid and nonpaid and/or volunteer partnerships
  • Consider and describe the strengths and weaknesses associated with the partnerships and networks you identified
  • How could redevelopment and/or reorganization of collaborative networks be effective for helping the organization to achieve greater effectiveness and overall reach?
    • Are there any costs that outweigh the benefits?
    • Any partnerships that are obsolete or no longer serving the intended purpose? Should they be eliminated? Why or why not?
  • Can additional partnerships be beneficial? How so?
  • What factors are important in considering the addition of partnering organizations? What plan of action would you suggest to a human services organization looking to bring on additional partners?
  • Include a sample MOU for a new partner organization.


Explanation & Answer length: 5 Slides Presentation